The Links between Innovative Behavior and Strategic Thinking


  • Raushan Gross Pfeiffer University



This research presents a frontier analysis, linking two previously separate constructs that cut across many organizational functions: innovative behavior and strategic thinking. Strategic thinking is often viewed prima facie, as a dynamic capability and is used as a competitive apparatus; the factors that influence this mode of thinking have rarely been questioned. This study advances theory by quantitatively testing the effect of innovative behavior’s on strategic thinking from the organizational perspective. Data was gathered from 100 respondents and subjected to hierarchical regression analysis while controlling for age, gender, and years on the job. The final analysis suggests that innovative behavior has a positive and significant impact on the strategic thinking of individuals and groups. Keywords: Innovative Behavior, Strategic Thinking, Management, Organizational Theory To cite this document: Raushan Gross, "The Links between Innovative Behavior and Strategic Thinking", Contemporary Management Research, Vol.13, No.4, pp. 239-254, 2017. Permanent link to this document:




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