Impulse Buying Behavior of Footwear Purchasers: A Structural Model


  • Nainan Nawaz Iqra University, Islamabad
  • Ghulam Dastgeer University of Hail, KSA
  • Sadaf Kashif Iqra University, Islamabad



Store environment, Impulse buying tendency, hedonic motivation, Urge to buy, impulse buying


The current research aimed to ascertain the impact of the in-store factors on the impulse purchasing behavior of Pakistani’ footwear consumer’. Do the in-store factors, store environment, store promotions, friendly employees, hedonic motivation, good mood, and impulse buying tendency influence the consumers when they visit the store or not? The research design took a deductive approach and survey strategy as methodological tools. The consumers of the footwear industry were approached and asked to complete the questionnaires. The study took a total sample size of 250. The recollected questionnaires were 218 out of 250, making it a response rate of 87 percent. The structural equation modeling technique (SEM) was used with AMOS’s help to analyze the data. The finding elaborated on the positive and significant impact of all the in-store factors, like the atmosphere,friendly staff, sales, etc., on consumers’ impulse buying behavior. The urge to buy impulsively plays a pivotal part in the in-store factors and impulse buying behavior. This study took the in-store factors of impulse buying behavior in Pakistan’s footwear industry, which no researcher has studied until now.

Author Biographies

Nainan Nawaz, Iqra University, Islamabad

Nainan Nawaz (Corresponding Author) is currently enrolled at Iqra University in Pakistan for her Ph.D. in Business Administration with a Marketing major. Her research interests include consumer misbehavior, sentiment analysis, impulse buying, retailing, and internet marketing. She is also actively monitoring and evaluating various international projects in Pakistan as an M&E research associate. She has published her research in national and international journals and conference papers.

Ghulam Dastgeer, University of Hail, KSA

Dr. Ghulam Dastgeer is currently an assistant professor of human resource management and organizational behavior at the University of Hail. His current research interests include human resource development, organizational behavior, leadership, human behavior, attitude and motivation, advanced research methods, advanced data analysis, and quantitative techniques. He is a member of several editorial boards, such as Commerce and Economic Review, International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology, Journal of Management Info, and International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development. He published more than fifteen articles in international journals. He serves as a reviewer for various journals, too, such as the Journal of Business and Economics (ISSN: 2075-6909), Journal of Management Development (ISSN: 0268-1711), European Journal of Training and Development (ISSN:2046-9012), and Personnel Review Journal (UK) (ISSN: 0048-3486).

Sadaf Kashif, Iqra University, Islamabad

Dr. Sadaf Kashif is currently working as an associate professor for the graduate and undergraduate students of Business Administration at Iqra University, Islamabad Campus, Pakistan. She has been serving as Head of the Department for the past four years. Her current research interests include culture, communication marketing, online behaviors, and human resources. She has published over twenty articles in international and national journals.




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Nawaz, N., Dastgeer, G., & Kashif, S. (2023). Impulse Buying Behavior of Footwear Purchasers: A Structural Model. Contemporary Management Research, 18(2), 93–132.