The Acceptance of Smart Home Technologies

A Literature Review of Benefits and Barriers Perceived by Users




benefits, barriers, smart home, smart technologies, adoption, user


The advancement of home automation technologies allowed the integration of systems for smart home implementation in the civil construction sector. However, the smart home's dissemination depends on factors that can enhance or hinder users' acceptance of smart home technologies. The article aims to identify the benefits and barriers users perceive that can interfere with implementing smart home technologies. The methodology utilized a systematic literature review using 122 articles in journals indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, Science Direct, IEEE, and Scielo scientific databases to gather barriers and benefits to smart home implementation. The literature mentions the benefits in the environmental, financial, and psychological categories as the main factors that potentiate the dissemination of smart home technologies. On the other hand, the barriers classified into the technological, ethical, and human categories have the major effect of hindering smart home implementation.

Author Biographies

Débora Rosa Nascimento, Department of Production Engineering. Federal Institute of Minas Gerais

Débora Rosa Nascimento is professor at the Department of Production Engineering of the IFMG, Governador Valadares, Brazil. She is a doctoral student in the Graduate Program in Production Engineering at Federal University of Santa Catarina, in the area of product development, research line smart products with an emphasis on smart home.

Diego Castro Fettermann, Federal University of Santa Catarina

Dr. Diego de Castro Fettermann (Corresponding author) is an associate professor at the Department of Production and Systems Engineering of the UFSC, Florianópolis, Brazil. He teaches Statistics and New Product Development courses for undergraduate and graduate students. He has experience in new product development, lean systems, and mass customization.




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Nascimento, D. R., & Fettermann, D. C. (2023). The Acceptance of Smart Home Technologies: A Literature Review of Benefits and Barriers Perceived by Users. Contemporary Management Research, 19(2), 107–129.



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